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More Fun in Chicago

Back in Chicago for the Volkswagen/Audi TDI class.

A bigger class, as VW/Audi is a popular car in this area. Great group of technicians, and some real smart ones.

With Todd in my arsenal, we are unbeatable with information and field experience.

Today is the half day of hands on and we have a parking lot full of TDI's to poke at. Looking so forward to the winter for Mercedes and BMW, as I have been getting requests for a class here at Northside Import on Pratt Ave.

Chicago Volvo Seminar & More

Car Commando Reporting from Chicago.
Great Volvo Seminar is almost near the end of the second day. Some GREAT hands on diagnostics, hands-on tech diagnostics. LOTS of Volvo shortcut diagnostics.

For Technicians that are just getting into this VIDA stuff, this was the class for you, or will be available for you in another city and facility later this year. Fly if you have to get there, cause you will KNOW how to work the VIDA by the end of the class, including how to load the software.

Richard has been a great asset for Euro-Diagnostics, and will continue to do so.

Volvo Seminar in Boston

Boston, Volvo, Lots of Rain.....a deluge of rain over this past 3 days. Florida needs this rain, but it is nice and cool up here (in the 70's).

No squawking here, it was 104 in Florida yesterday!

So my Volvoman, Rick is doing a superb job at this seminar, and the ones that did not attend this seminar......it is the perfect day for a seminar (it's raining!!!!)

Lots of information, casual chit-chat, and TONS of information and diagnostics.

Baltimore VW TDI Seminar

Good morning to all, at the airport in Baltimore after another successful training seminar. I love doing these seminars, as I meet some great fellows, they learn, I learn......and we never get too old to learn.

The weather unexpectedly was awesome, and in the 70's and 80's, as I dodged the 90's by a day. Ziggy, our host is always accommodating, and is one of the many reasons why I come to the Baltimore area to train. His shop will be the centralized shop for training in the Baltimore area (Jessup, MD). So look for more training in this area.

Atlanta BMW Seminar Event

So the Atlanta BMW Seminar is now behind me, as it is Sunday morning and I am choking down my first cup of latte. Choking, as I am not quite over this miserable cold I acquired just before leaving for Atlanta.

This was one of my smallest, but best classes. I had a great class of technicians, and they all left feeling lucky the information they learned, plus were entertained with my sparkling personality. :-)

So now it's on the plane and back home to a house full of Rubbermaid bins that are still not unpacked, organized, eBay'd, put away, or thrown away. Oh fun, fun ladi, da.

Euro Diagnostics moves to new location

Greeting to all, and I hope everyone is doing well. I myself have been moving the Euro-Diagnostic Resources office to a new location. And boy it's been a fun trip all the way! (insert cynical laughter here)!

I have been in the process to find a little bit bigger of an office, as EDR has grown over the years, and I have too much "stuff" in the office. With all of the computers, software, manuals, and phones...I just grew out of the facility (home).

So I have been rolling around in the attic laying data and phone lines. Painting, painting, painting....then moving, moving, moving.

Sacramento Tour

Fun stuff everyone. The new Volkswagen TDI Seminar went well, and we all had a great time. I feel so lucky to find such great techs that are so receptive to learning all the new technology for these newer generation cars. I found that the new VW-Audi Tech, Todd, is a great addition to the group and to the seminar training team. We rocked the house on Saturday, and tomorrow will be the hands-on portion of this class in which I am looking forward to two things:


Portland Seminar and the City

I love Portland, OR! I am staying in the city itself, and it is so cool. The transportation system here is light years ahead of any city I have been too. Gary and Todd (my VW-Audi Trainer) have been enjoying the various "brewskies" in the local area. For me it has been the food.

Thanks to Baltimore

Well my fellow readers, I am on the plane to Raleigh, NC. thanks to all of the Technicians and Shop Owners that attended my Mercedes Hands-On Diagnostics II Seminar!

Especially the Members of my EDR Technical Support Group that attended this class to continue to support my efforts. a BIG thank YOU!

A Thank You to Joe "The MBGuru" for the Field Feed on the Technical Side of the presentation. It made it easier for the Techs that have been struggling with some Mercedes issues.

Back on the Road

Well I must say getting back on the road after that 7 week respite felt great! And couldn't have picked a better place to go than Boston. I wish I did have the time to go and see a few more friends, but it seems that I am on the go when I hit the ground. NEVER enough time.

The Boston seminar was what I would call quite successful, thanks to Northside Imports, Baum Tools, and some real patient attendees. Seemed that there were some technical difficulties during the show, but we all chuckled and moved on. What a great crowd, and I think we all had a rather entertaining moment or two.