About us


Who are we and where we come from?

We are “Euro Auto Taining" a technical service from Baum Tools. Together, we've been in the business of helping independent European auto repair shops get their jobs done right for decades. Our technical support days began back in the early 1990’s, when systems became increasingly complex and we realized that our customers often needed help resolving sticky technical problems.  Early on, Dana Baum manned our telephone tech support lines, helping shop owners and techs through those difficult problems where information was just unavailable. Dana always had a way of getting it right. 
As systems became more difficult to work on, many German auto repair specialists began to fall behind due to the lack of up-to-date training and accurate repair information available outside the dealer network. Soon it became clear that Dana just couldn’t help everyone by himself; we needed to develop a network of techs that could work together to help our customers. Around 1995 Baum Tools began working with a national tech support firm to help our customers use our special tools for their jobs. It instantly became clear that our customers already knew more than the national tech support staff, and needed a much more knowledgeable and responsive support team. We turned the phones back to Dana, and enlisted our old friend Angelo Campana to help take tech calls from his shop “J.A.M. European Autowerks”in Kissimmee Florida.  Now we had two guys who could solve the hard problems; Dana, who knew how and where to find the right technical data, and Angelo, who was tightly networked with other high end German specialists around the country.
Around 2012 Angelo and crew formed AEuromotive Technical Support Group at "www.aeuromotive.com" and have teamed up with Peter Reese at "www.diagnostichotline.com". They have tech support handled.
Baum Tools and Euro Auto Training have teamed up to distribute "Learnguistics" web based training products.  Today we are working towards the future by building web based animated video training.
Additionally, the sales staff at Baum Tools (all ex-techs themselves) are getting constant feedback as they talk to techs all day regarding special tools and the tasks they perform.  They offer help referrals to techs who are buying tools for a job they’ve never done and need help.  Today, if we can’t help a tech pinpoint a problem, we have hundreds of techs who can jump in with feedback the very same day. 

The problem: Finding accurate, comprehensive technical training and information for European automobiles

Independent shops don't have access to the training and resources that the dealer techs have, and the repair information that's available to the aftermarket just isn't as comprehensive as the goods the dealer techs get. It only gets worse since cars get more and more complicated each year and diagnostic troubleshooting becomes more critical to timely, accurate repairs.

The Future

Euro Auto Training continues to explore better ways of getting information to our customers.  We know time is valuable so look in on us periodically for new and exciting formats for European auto repair training.