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Toyotas, Hondas Most Likely To Eclipse 200,000 Miles

An article from Auto Care Pro
by Adam Redling - Jul 8, 2015

Chances are if a vehicle comes into your shop eclipsing the 200,000-mile mark, it’s going to have a Japanese nameplate attached, according to a recent Consumer Reports reader survey.

The survey, which was designed to see which cars, SUVs and minivans held up the longest on the road, encompassed roughly 1.1 million vehicles.

Of the top 10 cars most likely to surpass 200,000 miles, every one was either a Toyota or Honda.

Western NY Ford dealers updating high school auto vo-techs

I came across this article and started thinking, more manufactures and dealer networks need to do this. Like the article says they using 10 year old vehicles that the students are training on, how are they going to be up to speed when the graduate and go looking for a job? They wouldn’t even qualify for the lube rack.

No wonder the young techs that come out of school do not stay in the business when they are 10 years behind, in the automotive industry today you might as well say 50 years behind the times.

How to Choose the Right BMW Repair Specialist

The BMW is a beautiful car and the owner should be proud of this work of expert craftsmanship. These are not low-cost vehicles, and an owner has every right to seek out the best auto mechanic for servicing a BMW. While it doesn’t have to be an extensive search, there are a few necessary points that have to be included in choosing the right BMW repair specialist.


In an effort to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, Porsche earlier this year announced they would be standardizing the 911 line by turbocharging all models.

The only exception will be the 911 GT3.

While this has the purists upset saying they will not have a high redline of revs and will not have the 911 exhaust note.

When Dr. Heinz Jakob Neusser, who serves as the VW Group’s chief of power-train and product development, was at the New York Motor Show and spoke to CAR magazine had this to say.

Every Week Should Be National Tire Safety Week

The RMA (Rubber Manufactures Association) has its tire safety week from May 24-30. From their findings every week should be NTSW for all drivers because of poorly maintained tires costing consumers added expense.

The Automotive Industry as it is and where it is heading, how capable are you to keep up with the times.

Technological advances have been the back bone of the automotive industry since its inception, and have permeated and affected every aspect of our lives. The advancements do not start at the point of vehicle design and its production, as neither do the effects of these advancements come to a halt at the time of the vehicle purchase and the owners driving experience.

General Motors not required to recall older trucks for brake line rust

Owning a Chevy truck this headline caught my eye, what does General Motors consider an “older truck”.

So reading the article I found “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it will encourage owners of GM full-size pickups and SUVs from the 2007 model year and older to inspect their brake lines and wash their underbodies after each winter to clear road salt that has accumulated”.

Why Did My Glow Plugs Break?

This is a common question we hear more and more with the resurgence of diesel engines. There a few reasons they break while trying to remove them

Old age. Older glow plugs swell up and are not able to be removed from the cylinder head. They will unthread until the swollen portion does not allow it to come out with drill and extracting. On engines that do not have on-car kits for extracting require the cylinder head removal to send to a machine shop.