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Boston....and NOT Baked Beans

Well, the last time I came here, I distinctly remember and issue with a cab driver, and something else with the Car Commando........but that's for another time.

I hope that everyone that wants to know about the NEW Technology Diesels (Pumpe Duse & Common Rail Diesels) will be the topic of discussion and knowledge for this Training Seminar will be present on Saturday, the 29th in Watertown, MA. The class is all but full, but I'll make concessions for the techs that are just "fashionably late". Call the office and register with Joe:

A Good Start for 2011

So yep, we're going to have some real quick information on these blogs for you first thing. How about the reset procedures for the Mercedes Service Reset??

Know them by memory...or what I have left of the billions I already "toasted" years ago. Think that these blogs will further enhance your reading and education.

Christmas Again

Well my friends, the Car Commando is seeing another year go by. Soon, very soon another Birthday. As they say "Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt" :-)

I think about all of the friends I have made this year, and the ones I lost. Dana Baum is the first that comes to mind. Dana passed away this year, and I miss his calls and banter. He was a good frined to me, and he'll never be forgotten.

Toronto Escapades

Toronto was COLD, but warm. The seminar went well with 47 techs on board. Had some really smart fellows at this seminar and enjoyed the entertainment.

Never left the hotel, as it was bitter cold all day and especially the evenings, but met a number of friends while I was there. We got some great interviews for our Podcasts and some video of the "tool guys" while we were there.

So stay tuned, you'll be seeing them launched very soon.

Early BMW Remote Issues (E39)

Customer had one master key/remote stolen so they want to replace all locks and have new remotes. Replaced all locks and EWS module.

Programmed EWS module to car but unable to initialize new remotes.
So why are the remotes not initializing?? This is EWS II, as it is 1997 E39 model 528i......for those that do not know their chassis designations.

Good idea on a situation like this is to check Fuse 53 located in the trunk. Your scan tool will NOT show a fault for this issue.

Differential Diagnostics in our Field

So as I'm watching the series "House"....as I have been told I am a lot like him....but in the automotive world. I retort with "I think I invented that!"....he didn't.

Onto this "Differential Diagnosis" thing. Every time I read a POST on my Technical Support Site: www.euro-diagnostics.com

I see this "Differential Diagnosis" thing happen. You know that we all are "Doctor's of the Wrench", as we Diagnose a sick car and then if we are good enough, we fix it.

As doctors of the human machine, they bury their mistakes....we marry ours.

Chicago...Near the End of the Tour

So now it's Chicago. 6 down.....two to go. I am feeling little "toasty" from all of this travel. But chicago is one of my favorite places:

Muldinado's Pizza
Super Dog
Big Bowl
The traffic.......nah......hate the traffic!

Arrived Wednesday, and been at my terminal all day. Went and had Deli at George's.....the Matzo Ball Soup is to die for!

Onwards and Forward to Phoenix and BIMRS

Well fellow blog followers, Reno, NV was very interesting in it's people, weather, and training.

Did my seminar in the "Bat Cave" at RAMAC, and it couldn't have turned out better, as with LOW lighting conditions made the screen and material REALLY light up.

Counting on the students and techs that were scheduled for this class, and the others that just dropped in wondering where all the "Party Noise" was coming from, I must have had at least 40 techs there.

Raleigh's Turn Out

Raleigh, NC....one of my favorite places to visit. Mountains, woods, open space and no crowds.....or at least that I can see. Aside from this, one of my best consultants live here.

Our seminar was full, and things went well, besides the BME site NOT cooperating on line, but all was good anyway. Seems that at 4:00PM Friday, BMW decided to take the site down....I guess from too many beers, and they can when they feel like it.