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EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) ML Models

Car Commando Tip of the Day:
Mercedes ML series: Engine cranks and runs for a few seconds and then codes are set.
Codes P1570 and B1703
First thing to do is go to terminal 15c at the EIS and see of there is B+ there.
If not, jumper B+ to 15c of the EIS and see if the engine starts. Problamatic EIS switches in the
early model (1997 thru 200 163 Chassis Mercedes ML).

A3 Temperature Gauge Diagnostic Tip!

It's been a long and tedious 10 days for Gary and I. Though a very successful seminar tour, I have the distinct feeling that "burnout" is right around the corner. Left, Right, Left, Right, Up and Down.........wings across the North American continent.
Looking forward to just sitting at my desk and working on the On-Demand Video for the group. and now I have all my ducks lined up in a nice straight row. Time to knock them down starting tomorrow, as long as the jet lag doesn't make me feel like "Godzilla" stepped on me. 

Next Stop: Portland, OR

That was a nice short drive to Portland from Seattle. Once you get past Tacoma traffic, you are in open country, and some pretty country at that. A whole lot of nothing.

Arrived here yesterday, and first thing we did was dropped in at Peet's Coffee, and had some. I love Portland. The people, the weather (yes, I like rainy and 48 degrees). Gary does NOT! Too bad for him, it's all about me. :-)

Looking forward to seeing the Technicians that are attending this seminar, as it is now officially closed to anymore attendees. Last man standing just signed up.

Washington State ISTA Seminar

So here we are in Seattle, and looking forward to this ISTA Seminar for BMW. I have specially chosen this seminar to help a number of Technicians on the "ins-and-outs" of the newest Factory BMW Diagnostic Software called ISTA.

I have one of my very best Technical Support Site Members on BMW and the use of the ISTA, "BMW Brian" to demonstrate the diagnostic and programming power of the ISTA to the class.

We have a number of newer 6 and 7 series model BMW's for our Diagnostic Sessions, as these models have "lots of stuff" packed into the modules, so we're going to have some fun.

Thank You Boston!

Returning to HOMEBASE, another city under my belt, another successful seminar. I love
Boston, the people, and especially the great Technicians that I meet when I am up here.

I wish to give a VERY BIG Thank YOU to all of the Technicians that attended, and put up with my style of teaching, as I always want to give it my 110% to everyone, and make it somewhat enjoyable and fun to learn. At least when I am enjoying the company of my fellow "Brothers in Arms", it makes me feel like I am with family. Some real smart Techs in Boston, and I met and made a few new friends. Thank You for that.

Volkswagen FSI-TSI Seminars Scheduled

Greetings to all Euro Auto Training followers.
I wished to announce that out Volkswagen FSI-TSI Seminars are in full swing and scheduled for a number of major cities.

We just got back from Denver, in which everyone felt that the seminar was quite successful and informative to the attending Technicians.

The manual is quite comprehensive, with tons of information within the binding. Also, the class was quite fun to do. Lots of smart technicians there that were quite interactive with the group.

Denver Seminar this Weekend

So we arrived in Denver yesterday, with the temperature at a mild 60 degrees....was hoping snow and 20 degrees.

Gary, my brother was please that it wasn't so. Or at least not until this morning :-) it's 35 degrees this morning, but no snow....YET.

TDI Seminar this weekend in Littleton for those that are interested. Have 2 manuals left. Bring cash if you want to attend. Call Joe first: 800-848-6657

The end of the year is coming around quickly, and will probably pull a few more of these seminars under my belt.

BIMRS Meeting

One of those last minute things, I decided to attend the BIMRS Meeting. So with Gary and Skip, we spoke to a number of techs and glad to see some of my Members of the EDR Group.

I have seen a number of new changes for BMW's OSS to OMS, and how much faster this system is working, also all of the new performance changes taking place.

I for one have been intrigued with all of this new 'techie stuff is coming down the pike.

BMW E60 Micro Power Module Tip

So for those new BMW Technicians, here is a tip that may save your 6 in diagnosing a Power Management Issue.

For the earlier model 5 Series, the Electrical Management System and Energy Management System is controlled by one of the many controllers on these model cars (2002, 2003, 2004 etc). The MPM module (Micro Power Module), if not updated will be swimming in the trunk area under the spare tire.

Glow Plugs on New Generation TDI

Car Commando here, Have been swamped with so many calls related to the New Generation TDI Glow Plugs, I think I will put some things to rest right here and now.

First of all the CURRENT...not Voltage, is supplied to the glow plugs directly from the glow plug relay, which is controlled by the ‐J248‐ DFI ECM.

A temperature sensor (ECT) is connected to a time circuit in the relay and controls preheating time. The glow plug light in the instrument cluster is ON when the plugs are being heated, and turns OFF when the engine is ready to start.