Euro Diagnostics moves to new location

Greeting to all, and I hope everyone is doing well. I myself have been moving the Euro-Diagnostic Resources office to a new location. And boy it's been a fun trip all the way! (insert cynical laughter here)!

I have been in the process to find a little bit bigger of an office, as EDR has grown over the years, and I have too much "stuff" in the office. With all of the computers, software, manuals, and phones...I just grew out of the facility (home).

So I have been rolling around in the attic laying data and phone lines. Painting, painting, painting....then moving, moving, moving.

Finally got everything moved here, and it is total chaos of boxes, equipment and "stuff" surrounding me at this very moment. Guess what we'll be doing for the next week?? Fun huh??.......NOT!

I'll let everyone know when we are all settled and what the outcome is. Signing off for now.

The Car Commando.