Thanks to Baltimore

Well my fellow readers, I am on the plane to Raleigh, NC. thanks to all of the Technicians and Shop Owners that attended my Mercedes Hands-On Diagnostics II Seminar!

Especially the Members of my EDR Technical Support Group that attended this class to continue to support my efforts. a BIG thank YOU!

A Thank You to Joe "The MBGuru" for the Field Feed on the Technical Side of the presentation. It made it easier for the Techs that have been struggling with some Mercedes issues.

Thanks to Ziggie for the use of his EXCELLENT facility, to Northside Imports for their support. And last, but not least...Baum Tools and the entire crew!

Volkswagen TDI is coming to this area within the next 4 months, so stay tuned to the EDR News Notes for the announcement!

Great learning for the group, and myself. Smart fellows that attended, as they are "Proactive" in this profession, while the "Reactive" ones will be looking for work within the year.

Keep up with the technology......or die in the trenches.

Stay Tuned!
The Car Commando