More Fun in Chicago

Back in Chicago for the Volkswagen/Audi TDI class.

A bigger class, as VW/Audi is a popular car in this area. Great group of technicians, and some real smart ones.

With Todd in my arsenal, we are unbeatable with information and field experience.

Today is the half day of hands on and we have a parking lot full of TDI's to poke at. Looking so forward to the winter for Mercedes and BMW, as I have been getting requests for a class here at Northside Import on Pratt Ave.

Northside has been a great resource and host to all of the previous class, and I will continue to do so.

Webinars real close to start here, wait for it.....wait for it.... Next class for TDI is in the San Francisco area in September.

If you have been thinking of it, get it done, 25 maximum size due to limitations of floor space at this shop, but a clean environment. See you in Alameda, CA. Come to this, it'll be worth your time.

The Car Commando, signing off....Lock-n-Load!