In an effort to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, Porsche earlier this year announced they would be standardizing the 911 line by turbocharging all models.

The only exception will be the 911 GT3.

While this has the purists upset saying they will not have a high redline of revs and will not have the 911 exhaust note.

When Dr. Heinz Jakob Neusser, who serves as the VW Group’s chief of power-train and product development, was at the New York Motor Show and spoke to CAR magazine had this to say.

“Turbocharging is possible with higher revs – it’s not true to say that turbocharged engines must stop at 6000 rpm. That’s not true… If you look at McLaren, they already have in production turbo engines with high revs.”
“The point is that you have more freedom with tuborcharging to express the torque behaviour over the complete rev range. And we’re looking at what the best maximum speed you can get with such an engine. I think it’s around 7000 rpm, give or take a little bit. It makes no sense to go to 10,000 rpm with a turbocharged engine.”

Ok, we have the revs answered but how about the Porsche engine sound
“Noise is not a problem. Look at the 911 Turbo; it has an extremely expressive noise today – that is not a problem. At the other end of the scale, the Golf R has it too. You won’t miss character with turbos, I promise.”

Reports say Porsche is working on a variety of engine sizes in the 4 and 6 cylinder boxer style motors. And no a flat 4 motor in a Porsche does not make it a VW Beetle.

This is why I say there is no substitute for an air cooled Porsche 911