Portland Seminar and the City

I love Portland, OR! I am staying in the city itself, and it is so cool. The transportation system here is light years ahead of any city I have been too. Gary and Todd (my VW-Audi Trainer) have been enjoying the various "brewskies" in the local area. For me it has been the food.

Will be sad to leave Wednesday for Sacramento, not because I don't like Sacramento, but Portland Rocks! As to the VW TDI Seminar, we had a great time yesterday, and I always enjoy the technicians here, as well as the local population. Everyone is so damn friendly. Looks like It'll be a well worth trip, but can't wait to get home, that is to the new home that I closed on the evening before I left for this trip. Missed the big storm, but everything came through OK at the house....that is the new house. Well, packing up to finish up the class this morning, will add to this BLOG when I get back tonight.

So Sunday morning comes along, and we head out to finish up the class, on a half day session.  Well, we planned to get started at 8:30AM.  We left the hotel for a 10 to 15 minute drive to the shop.  Not being informed or even the slightest notice on the news, the city of Portland plans a marathon race.  Closed off the entire city area where the runners ran the race.  Therefore blocking the entire "escape route" out of the city.  After running in GPS circles, we managed to get onto 405 South, and one hour later, get to the shop.  I guess for us, everyone else got there late due to that. So the class went off well, and everyone got LOTS of information and education.

Leaving for Sacramento on Wednesday, so we are enjoying Portland's rainy weather and friendly people.  The people here are the nicest people I have met in a city in a long time.

back at you in Sacramento.  Stay tuned!