Back on the Road

Well I must say getting back on the road after that 7 week respite felt great! And couldn't have picked a better place to go than Boston. I wish I did have the time to go and see a few more friends, but it seems that I am on the go when I hit the ground. NEVER enough time.

The Boston seminar was what I would call quite successful, thanks to Northside Imports, Baum Tools, and some real patient attendees. Seemed that there were some technical difficulties during the show, but we all chuckled and moved on. What a great crowd, and I think we all had a rather entertaining moment or two.

Those guys I wish to take my hat off to them for their patience and good humor.....oh....and putting up with my rather "candid style" of teaching. THIS is why I do what I do and enjoy it so much. God Bless them all!

So home from Boston....on the plan right now headed to Atlanta, then home for 2 days. The Baltimore and I come. Hope to see there!

And a special thanks to Gary Carlson for showing me Boston, and it's beautifully buried city in snow.

The Car Commando