Chicago Volvo Seminar & More

Car Commando Reporting from Chicago.
Great Volvo Seminar is almost near the end of the second day. Some GREAT hands on diagnostics, hands-on tech diagnostics. LOTS of Volvo shortcut diagnostics.

For Technicians that are just getting into this VIDA stuff, this was the class for you, or will be available for you in another city and facility later this year. Fly if you have to get there, cause you will KNOW how to work the VIDA by the end of the class, including how to load the software.

Richard has been a great asset for Euro-Diagnostics, and will continue to do so.

The VIDA manual will soon be available on Euro Auto Training within the next month, as soon as I finish up the last revision. So stay tuned if you wish to appropriate an installation & diagnostic manual for this Factory Diagnostic System for Volvo.

And on another note, the Factory BMW ISTA installation system for the Pass-Thru and ICOM multiplexers will soon be available for the shops and Technicians that may wish to move into the 21st Century of Diagnostics for these cars.

Until then, Listen Up.....Saddle Up.......Lock-n-Load!

Car Commando signing off!