Volvo Seminar in Boston

Boston, Volvo, Lots of Rain.....a deluge of rain over this past 3 days. Florida needs this rain, but it is nice and cool up here (in the 70's).

No squawking here, it was 104 in Florida yesterday!

So my Volvoman, Rick is doing a superb job at this seminar, and the ones that did not attend this is the perfect day for a seminar (it's raining!!!!)

Lots of information, casual chit-chat, and TONS of information and diagnostics.

But I'll be glad to be going home on Monday, as tomorrow is all hands-on with the VIDA. Doing this via Bluetooth, which will be REAL interesting.

That "New approach to Training" will be coming soon, as it's right around the corner.

Stay tuned fellow technicians and shop owners, as for the shop owners, it will:
1) Save you big $$$$$$ investment to train your techs
2) You can do this anytime it is convenient for you and the techs
3) Short sessions so you won't get bored
4) You'll be able to repeat the sessions till you "Know It"
5) make it worth your while and investment cause you can use the knowledge to make $$$$$$ right after you use it.

Stay tuned.

Great weekend to all!
The Car Commando