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The E415 Access/Authorization Switch

So back from the Tour today, now to get to work. I have Boston and Baltimore coming up this November, and more to expand on the Energy Management System.
I learned some additional information on the EMS for Audi and Volkswagen. The E415 ignition switch, looks like this ignition switch will follow suit like the Mercedes switch.
Now this is the main function of this E415 on the models with Advanced Key Systems. If a key is inserted into the Access/Start Authorization Switch E415 (= S contact on), the electronics system stimulates the key via the read coil.

Still on the Road

So still on the Seminar Tour, now landed in NY. This is the last
Seminar stop before coming home. Been a LONG 30 days, but it has been so worth the effort.

I met some really smart Techs, and Shop Owners. We also had a great time, some fun stories, and LOTS of information and learning.

The learning never stops when it comes to these complex cars and their systems. In another two weeks, I'll be in Boston, then Baltimore. Looking forward to this trip.

Energy Management is Here. Get Use To It and Learn

Greetings fellow Technicians.
Yes, it's the Car Commando reminding you that if the battery is dead in the Audi A6 and A8 Series car of 2003 to present, more likely, it isn't JUST the battery.
My ranting of B+ and Grounds is NOW coming to truth and reality.
These high current consumption cars and their systems now have a battery management strategy. And if it isn't working like planned, batteries will be going south, and your head will explode wondering what the %#^%& is causing this?

More VW TDI Glow Plug Diagnostics

Car Commando from the Field. More TDI Diagnostics here:
Right from the EDR sight, thought I'd share this with the group.

Currently in Denver in 6" of snow and 10 below :-(

There are several vehicle models on which the glow plug position does not coincide with cylinder number, (eg. trouble code P0671 specifies glow plug number 1 but glow plug number 1 is
actually in cylinder number 4).

The only way to be sure which glow plug is faulty is to test all of them. This particular glow plug system on the BHW engine code, supplies 6VDC to the glow plugs.

Climate Control Issues with Early Model Systems??

Car Commando Field Information and News. Still with the Climate Control Issues are with the 2002 and 2003 Passats (for example).
Battery drain??
Look for the 4 Climate Control Motors running when ignition key is off. Usually, V71 was the motor starts hunting with the key off, and you can remove it without removing the dash, so replace it if in question.
The last thing, ALWAYS run basic settings, all fields for measuring blocks 002 through 005. If they have values other than ZERO, YOU still have an issue. and it's probably with the V85 motor.

BMW Factory ISTA System UPDATE

Greetings fellow Technicians, Car Commando Field Tip. Listen Up, BMW ISTA System has a NEW update.

This UPDATE is almost 3 hours long! So be patient when performing this UPDATE. Me, I did this update on my ISTA the night before, so I wouldn't stare at the screen.

A "watched pot" never boils!

For those who do not use ISTA yet, you will eventually.

"ISTA-Sys-000 2.22.17", "ISTA-VIN-000 10.09.20"
and "ISTA/P 2.39.2" will be/is the next version.

Package Content:

1) ISTA-Sys-000 2.22.17 corrects the following issues:

Test plan "B1214_NG6DMTL" ends abruptly while performing

Volkswagen Rear Parking Brake System Diagnostics

Here's the Car Commando's Tip From the Field: Straight from the EDR Technical Site.

A fellow Technician and friend of mine posted this to my site.

I think this may be a REAL helpful tip for those of you out there that have experienced these issues:

I see a lot of those harnesses break at the rear brake calipers, the way they are positioned when the weather pac fails / leaks water gets it and the harness just dissolves.

Happy July 4th to America & the Group

Car Commando on guard duty.
Just wished to take the time to say "Happy 4th of July" to all my friends, and the group on EATS!
Just don't blow yourself up. Been there. Make sure to have all fingers and toes when its all over. And a special OORAH! to our servicemen and servicewomen that sacrifice their time and sometime their last full measure of bravery, to defend what is NOT FREE: Freedom.

Porsche Cayenne Emmissions Malfunction

Car Commando Tip of the Day.
This is generally in regards to the Porsche Model:
2007 PORSCHE Cayenne Turbo

MIL light ON. Code P2404 EVAP emission system leak detection pump sensor circuit range performance.

If you get a Cayenne with an EVAP code make sure you check for oil in the leak detection pump (LDP as it's called).

As I have seen this for the third time this year in relationship to the turbo models, go and check the old vacuum pump once it is removed and search for oil in the assembly. It's just, like the BMW brake booster pumps.

Intelligent Battery System TIP for E60-E61

Car Commando Tip of the Day:
For vehicles produced before 12/2006:
If terminal 15 can no longer be switched using the START-STOP button, or the electrical steering interlock (ELV) cannot be unlocked, check IBS (Intelligent Battery System) cable (located on the negative post of the battery) for traces of dampness.
First, extract & examine DTC fault code memory entries regarding the IBS.
IBS can be defective due to moisture, and keep the wake-up line at high level. In this case, replace the IBS cable.