General Motors not required to recall older trucks for brake line rust

Owning a Chevy truck this headline caught my eye, what does General Motors consider an “older truck”.

So reading the article I found “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it will encourage owners of GM full-size pickups and SUVs from the 2007 model year and older to inspect their brake lines and wash their underbodies after each winter to clear road salt that has accumulated”.

It went on to say “The decision shifts responsibility for maintaining, and if needed, replacing brake lines on the vehicles from GM to the owners. The vehicles covered by the safety advisory are Chevrolet Silverados, Tahoes and Suburbans; GMC Sierras and Yukons, and Cadillac Escalades, mostly from the 1999 through 2003 model years.”

So I have to be responsible for MY brake lines on a 12 year vehicle? Are you sure this is America? I have to be responsible for my personal safety? Could this be a trend?
So if I had my hot coffee in my lap and my brakes fail and I crash causing the hot coffee to spill and burn my leg, I can sue the coffee shop and the NHTSA ?