Toyotas, Hondas Most Likely To Eclipse 200,000 Miles

An article from Auto Care Pro
by Adam Redling - Jul 8, 2015

Chances are if a vehicle comes into your shop eclipsing the 200,000-mile mark, it’s going to have a Japanese nameplate attached, according to a recent Consumer Reports reader survey.

The survey, which was designed to see which cars, SUVs and minivans held up the longest on the road, encompassed roughly 1.1 million vehicles.

Of the top 10 cars most likely to surpass 200,000 miles, every one was either a Toyota or Honda.

The Toyota Prius was the car that survey takers rated No. 1 for longevity, followed by the best-selling car in American, the Toyota Camry.

The Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord sedan (4-cylinder), Honda CR-V, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Highlander (V6) and the Honda Civic (non-hybrid) rounded out the top 10.

The owners of these long-running vehicles said that they’ve spent an average of $550 on maintenance and repairs over the past year mostly to service parts such as brakes, shocks and timing belts.

However, according to Consumer Reports, although the owners of these vehicles have been fortunate to date with the reliability of their cars, they should start to consider trading up before major repair bills begin to add up.

“By 200,000 miles, most cars’ hard life on the road has started to take a toll on the structure and key components, and older cars just don’t have the numerous safety advantages that have appeared in recent years,” said Consumer Reports Cars Editor Jim Travers.