Atlanta BMW Seminar Event

So the Atlanta BMW Seminar is now behind me, as it is Sunday morning and I am choking down my first cup of latte. Choking, as I am not quite over this miserable cold I acquired just before leaving for Atlanta.

This was one of my smallest, but best classes. I had a great class of technicians, and they all left feeling lucky the information they learned, plus were entertained with my sparkling personality. :-)

So now it's on the plane and back home to a house full of Rubbermaid bins that are still not unpacked, organized, eBay'd, put away, or thrown away. Oh fun, fun ladi, da.

But a bright spot on this dark cloud....the office will be back up and running. The Garage Studio will be started this week, as soon as I get everything thrown in the attic. You know?? the place that people put stuff that they can't store anywhere Grandma?? :-)....or even Grandpa.

Just when I was starting to feel better. Life's fair......NOT.