Glow Plugs on New Generation TDI

Car Commando here, Have been swamped with so many calls related to the New Generation TDI Glow Plugs, I think I will put some things to rest right here and now.

First of all the CURRENT...not Voltage, is supplied to the glow plugs directly from the glow plug relay, which is controlled by the ‐J248‐ DFI ECM.

A temperature sensor (ECT) is connected to a time circuit in the relay and controls preheating time. The glow plug light in the instrument cluster is ON when the plugs are being heated, and turns OFF when the engine is ready to start.

If the temperature is below 9°C (48°F), the glow plugs must preglow. Pre‐glow is followed by the afterglow phase after the engine has started.

Afterglow is performed and lasts until ONE of THREE conditions is met:

* Engine speed reaches 2500 RPM

* Approximately 180 seconds have passed

* Coolant reaches 60°C (140°F)

For more information on "How It Works".....Check the Seminar Manual for TDI. This covers from 1999 to 2009 Models and their systems. Got to know how it works before you can fix it.

Car Commando signing off......Lock-n-Load!

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