Next Stop: Portland, OR

That was a nice short drive to Portland from Seattle. Once you get past Tacoma traffic, you are in open country, and some pretty country at that. A whole lot of nothing.

Arrived here yesterday, and first thing we did was dropped in at Peet's Coffee, and had some. I love Portland. The people, the weather (yes, I like rainy and 48 degrees). Gary does NOT! Too bad for him, it's all about me. :-)

Looking forward to seeing the Technicians that are attending this seminar, as it is now officially closed to anymore attendees. Last man standing just signed up.

We'll be covering the Volkswagen FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection), and the 2 different engine (timing belt and timing chain technology).

The Fife, WA BMW Seminar was so successful, that I will be returning to the same facility (Rolf's Imports) within the next 6 months. We all had a great time and looking forward to more of that, but with the Mercedes twist, Baum Tools Supporting, as well as Northside Imports.

I wish to extend me most grateful thanks to everyone that worked so hard to make this seminar and the Portland, OR seminar. More to come, stand by.