BMW E60 Micro Power Module Tip

So for those new BMW Technicians, here is a tip that may save your 6 in diagnosing a Power Management Issue.

For the earlier model 5 Series, the Electrical Management System and Energy Management System is controlled by one of the many controllers on these model cars (2002, 2003, 2004 etc). The MPM module (Micro Power Module), if not updated will be swimming in the trunk area under the spare tire.

Every 5 Series (E60 models) that show up at your door, MAKE SURE that the MPM module has been updated by removing the module by it's original location under the spare tire, and moving it in a higher location.

This prevents when the trunk seal they all do, will cause make that module "to go swimming" in the trunk.

Remove the module from under the spare tire, inspect the condition of the module (looking for possible water intrusion), then remount it behind the tailight assembly (just hang it with a tie wrap, that's easy).

SCAN the vehicle for Energy Management System codes to verify any codes related to an issue with the MPM. If your good, just remount that MPM to prevent any future issues.

Car Commando signing off.