A3 Temperature Gauge Diagnostic Tip!

It's been a long and tedious 10 days for Gary and I. Though a very successful seminar tour, I have the distinct feeling that "burnout" is right around the corner. Left, Right, Left, Right, Up and Down.........wings across the North American continent.
Looking forward to just sitting at my desk and working on the On-Demand Video for the group. and now I have all my ducks lined up in a nice straight row. Time to knock them down starting tomorrow, as long as the jet lag doesn't make me feel like "Godzilla" stepped on me. 
Guess we'll just "Power Through It". That what doesn't kill you, only tends to make you stronger. Stay tuned to more of this. At 30,000 ft. and it's a little crowded in this plane to Orlando. 
I wish to thank everyone that helps me pull these road tours off. it's always the people, the teamwork, the effort that makes projects in our life successful. And I'll leave it as that. 
TIP from one of the VW-Audi Technicians during our round table discussions:
2005> Audi A3 2.0L FSI.  If you see one of these that come into the shop with a complaint of the temperature gauge doesn't move, scan the vehicle, and cluster.  A code or codes produced in the instrument cluster or ECM (in particular, code: 02187) will prevent the Temperature gauge to operate.  So look at that for diagnostic hint and clear the codes, and the temperature gauge will start to work.  If it does, it will require a complete electronic thermostat assembly.  Watch for this.
And when you think you've seen it all.................right at your 6!
Car Commando signing off for now. Have a productive and safe week. We're always here to help, so don't ever hesitate.