Volkswagen FSI-TSI Seminars Scheduled

Greetings to all Euro Auto Training followers.
I wished to announce that out Volkswagen FSI-TSI Seminars are in full swing and scheduled for a number of major cities.

We just got back from Denver, in which everyone felt that the seminar was quite successful and informative to the attending Technicians.

The manual is quite comprehensive, with tons of information within the binding. Also, the class was quite fun to do. Lots of smart technicians there that were quite interactive with the group.

Now it's off to one of my favorite places, Boston. Check the calendar for the dates of the seminars. This one in Boston is March 3rd. Seats arre almost sold out, so if you wish to attend, call EDR for registration to hold one fo the few seats left open.

Hope to see you there. And VANOS Part 2 is almost complete. Expect the announcements for this valuable Webinar in the next few weeks.

Car Commando