Washington State ISTA Seminar

So here we are in Seattle, and looking forward to this ISTA Seminar for BMW. I have specially chosen this seminar to help a number of Technicians on the "ins-and-outs" of the newest Factory BMW Diagnostic Software called ISTA.

I have one of my very best Technical Support Site Members on BMW and the use of the ISTA, "BMW Brian" to demonstrate the diagnostic and programming power of the ISTA to the class.

We have a number of newer 6 and 7 series model BMW's for our Diagnostic Sessions, as these models have "lots of stuff" packed into the modules, so we're going to have some fun.

I do wish to than the ASA for helping us get this class together and for Brenda at ASA for all of her efforts to help the ASA Members get the opportunity to get some needed training up here.

I will be using the ISTA Shuttle Desktop that I am building for Baum Tools, with the help of Peter David and Ami at EuroCar, and Euro Techtronix setting up the software. Baum Tools for supplying the Pass-Thru, or the ICOM system.

Here's a WARNING: DO NOT purchase the "cloned" ICOM units out there from China, or eBay, or anywhere but from API or BMW. You want an explanation to that.....call me.

So if you missed this seminar, check my scheduling out on www.edrbmw.com.

Or while you are at my homepage, register for a FREE 30 Day Trial period, by filling out the application, and place "EATS" in the Coupon Code Field.

Hope that all have a great weekend, and see you after the seminar for details.