Happy July 4th to America & the Group

Car Commando on guard duty.
Just wished to take the time to say "Happy 4th of July" to all my friends, and the group on EATS!
Just don't blow yourself up. Been there. Make sure to have all fingers and toes when its all over. And a special OORAH! to our servicemen and servicewomen that sacrifice their time and sometime their last full measure of bravery, to defend what is NOT FREE: Freedom.
Stay tuned for the next Car Commando Tip of the day. Register at the EDR site and put Happy 4th in the coupon code field of the application for a FREE 30 days on the site.
www.euro-diagnostics.com > EDR Technician Registration > SUBMIT
Safe and fun 4th to all!
GOD Bless America!
Car Commando signing off.