Porsche Cayenne Emmissions Malfunction

Car Commando Tip of the Day.
This is generally in regards to the Porsche Model:
2007 PORSCHE Cayenne Turbo

MIL light ON. Code P2404 EVAP emission system leak detection pump sensor circuit range performance.

If you get a Cayenne with an EVAP code make sure you check for oil in the leak detection pump (LDP as it's called).

As I have seen this for the third time this year in relationship to the turbo models, go and check the old vacuum pump once it is removed and search for oil in the assembly. It's just, like the BMW brake booster pumps.

Getting the pump out is not to bad. Once you get the new one lined up with the drive on the cam it bolts right back up.

3 hours to replace the vacuum pump and 1.5 hours to replace the LDP and clean out the vacuum line. Overall a good job.

Thanks to David Gibson from the EDR Group for that tip.