The E415 Access/Authorization Switch

So back from the Tour today, now to get to work. I have Boston and Baltimore coming up this November, and more to expand on the Energy Management System.
I learned some additional information on the EMS for Audi and Volkswagen. The E415 ignition switch, looks like this ignition switch will follow suit like the Mercedes switch.
Now this is the main function of this E415 on the models with Advanced Key Systems. If a key is inserted into the Access/Start Authorization Switch E415 (= S contact on), the electronics system stimulates the key via the read coil.
The key then sends the key identification into the switch via the transponder and the read coil. This sends the information to the Access/Start Control Module J518. The Access/Start Authorization Switch E415 passes the data, which the vehicle key sends via remote control, on to Access/Start Control Module J518.
You'll see these components fail, and when they do, you will NOT be able to remove the ignition key. If you see this happen, the battery is probably DEAD. WARNING!! YOU CANNOT jump start these cars!!!!
DO NOT JUMP START THESE CARS. Already seen what happens when you do this. Look at the E415, right below the key insertion point. Take a pick or a paper clip and insert it in that little hole below the insertion point of the key.
This will allow you then to remove the key. If you didn't know this, you need to come to an EMS Class. Look on the schedule, save yourself some heartache and a mess of $$$$.
Car Commando signing off.