Climate Control Issues with Early Model Systems??

Car Commando Field Information and News. Still with the Climate Control Issues are with the 2002 and 2003 Passats (for example).
Battery drain??
Look for the 4 Climate Control Motors running when ignition key is off. Usually, V71 was the motor starts hunting with the key off, and you can remove it without removing the dash, so replace it if in question.
The last thing, ALWAYS run basic settings, all fields for measuring blocks 002 through 005. If they have values other than ZERO, YOU still have an issue. and it's probably with the V85 motor.
Listen to hear...oh yeah....and hunt. That is hunting with key ON, NOT OFF!
Early....and I guess even the later models still have this issue.
Thanks to Greg M on the EDR Site for the update and the "brain shake" for the
Car Commando and the BLOG Group.