BMW Factory ISTA System UPDATE

Greetings fellow Technicians, Car Commando Field Tip. Listen Up, BMW ISTA System has a NEW update.

This UPDATE is almost 3 hours long! So be patient when performing this UPDATE. Me, I did this update on my ISTA the night before, so I wouldn't stare at the screen.

A "watched pot" never boils!

For those who do not use ISTA yet, you will eventually.

"ISTA-Sys-000 2.22.17", "ISTA-VIN-000 10.09.20"
and "ISTA/P 2.39.2" will be/is the next version.

Package Content:

1) ISTA-Sys-000 2.22.17 corrects the following issues:

Test plan "B1214_NG6DMTL" ends abruptly while performing
the function test.

DMTL (EVAP related) tests are a pain on these cars sometimes. go to DME in the tree, and manually clear faults.

Also when clearing EGS adaptations values, the service
function sometimes WILL NOT clear them. Manually go into
EGS in the tree, and component activate the adaptations to
be cleared. clear faults and then re-test drive. *just got burnt for this*

The message "No Text Available" pops up when performing
the vehicle test. This message is supposed to prompt to
check the battery voltage, but the text is missing.

When performing the test module "SCBS_6001", the first
time after installation of the ISID, an "Error 61/3" might occur, resulting in the termination of the test module.

2) ISTA-VIN-000 10.09.20

This update contains an updated VIN table, which allows for
automatic determination of the latest

3) ISTA/P 2.39.2 corrects the following issues:

For E82, E88, E89 and E9x vehicles produced from 9/07 to
9/09 equipped with RAD2 (option 663), ISTA/P now accepts
the replacement radio P/N 65 12 9 170 329. Refer to SI B65
16 10 for further information.

For E82, E88, E90, E92, and E93 vehicles with the N55
engine produced up to 9/2010, the Service Engine Soon (MIL)
lamp is on with the following fault stored:

Fault 29CC "Intake air temperature sensor, plausibility, cold start: Temperature too high". Refer to SI B12 22 10 for further information

Other things of the new version KL15 and KL30 will be shown
in the upper right hand corner of the tree.

When clearing faults YOU MUST FOLLOW THE

KEY=-------- GO DO IT!

Then it will re-run the test for any residual faults. if you DON'T you LOCK UP ISTA. Go ahead and RESTART it. This is NO FUN....LOL.

Actually have some specs to go off of what crank case pressure should be using a slack tube manometer now...LOL

Engine Variant Specification (mBar)
M42, M44, M52, M52TU, S52 ,M54, M60, M62, M62TU,
M73 13
S54 0.0 +- 1.0
S62 0.0 +- 1.0
S65 0.0 +- 2.0
S63 3
S85 0.0 +- 1.0
N52 26
N51 and N52K 28.5
N54 9
N55 35
N62 22
N62TU 25
N63 9
N73 26

Programming will now fix a 1 series window that wont one
touch- program THEN replace the motor if it continues....

We now have a new control modules to play with, it's called a COMBOX. it takes the UFL/SBX and combines the TCU into
each other to make ONE.

I wish to thank BMW Brian on the EDR Technical Support Group for this heads up. I can always count on him to keep us up to speed with the latest BMW News.