Energy Management is Here. Get Use To It and Learn

Greetings fellow Technicians.
Yes, it's the Car Commando reminding you that if the battery is dead in the Audi A6 and A8 Series car of 2003 to present, more likely, it isn't JUST the battery.
My ranting of B+ and Grounds is NOW coming to truth and reality.
These high current consumption cars and their systems now have a battery management strategy. And if it isn't working like planned, batteries will be going south, and your head will explode wondering what the %#^%& is causing this?
For those that have told me "Well,we learn as we go along"....well, you can "forget it" Suzie Creamcheese, you are NOT going to learn as you go on this system.
Not unless you have LOTS of time to waste, or a customer that doesn't mind you spending his money while you learn. Neither of which that will likely happen. These new systems have a strategy, quite like the BMW's and Mercedes.
It's time to get these systems and the knowledge to diagnose and repair. your other choice is NOT to work on them and save your head from loss of hair. Training is the key. And being on front of the diagnostics and technology, rather than behind it.
For example, the main module on this system generally is the -J644-
If the Energy Management Control Module -J644- detects the status "CANNOT START VEHICLE" an entry is written to the history data.
Data for the last three (3) battery changes is stored in HISTORY.  The power balance and duration of the last five (5) journeys are logged in HISTORY = Engine ON.
The power balance and duration It checks the State of Charge (SoC) starting capability, and regulates the optimum alternator charging voltage with the engine running. To reduce the closed circuit current with the engine OFF, the -J644- deactivates loads over the CAN Bus.
This control module has been adapted for use in the 2005 Audi A6, with revised software, which shows the battery condition rather than the battery charge level in the MMI display. Now this is one of the many Modules & Strategies that controls the Battery and Charging Management of the car.
Can you see how this could be overwhelming, especially trying to figure out where to start??
Training, this will make the difference to the shops that have Trained Technicians, and the ones that do not. One shop will be in business and growing every year, while the other shop WILL wither on the vine.
Think about that Shop Owners. Think about that my fellow Professional Technicians.
You are the ones that will decide the end result, as the answer is simple.
Car Commando signing off.