Christmas Again

Well my friends, the Car Commando is seeing another year go by. Soon, very soon another Birthday. As they say "Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt" :-)

I think about all of the friends I have made this year, and the ones I lost. Dana Baum is the first that comes to mind. Dana passed away this year, and I miss his calls and banter. He was a good frined to me, and he'll never be forgotten.

Looking forward to 2011, as some great new things are coming to this site. Hopefully everyone that reads this will register, as I know that Baum Tools, my biggest supporter, is working hard to make this Training Site the best out there.

You'll soon see Podcasts of Interviews with some of the leading techs and shops in the US and Canada. Many other new an innovative ideas are being generated in the "Think Tank" of the Car Commando bunker. Stay tuned for those announcements after January 2011.

So Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and Prosperous New Years from the crew at Euro Auto Training, Euro-Diagnostic Resources, and Baum Tools Unlimited!