Onwards and Forward to Phoenix and BIMRS

Well fellow blog followers, Reno, NV was very interesting in it's people, weather, and training.

Did my seminar in the "Bat Cave" at RAMAC, and it couldn't have turned out better, as with LOW lighting conditions made the screen and material REALLY light up.

Counting on the students and techs that were scheduled for this class, and the others that just dropped in wondering where all the "Party Noise" was coming from, I must have had at least 40 techs there.

My BMW Dealer Tech was in the wrong place there in Reno....with gambling, liquor, and women present throughout the entire stay....think he left broke and hungover. :-( Guess that's why I no longer do those things. :-)

On the way our from Reno, we had one hell of a hail storm and 40 degree weather. Landing in Phoenix just had the whole thing followed us there. Tornado winds, sideways rain, felt like I was back in Florida in 2004. Flashback!

BIMRS Meeting with Skip, sightseeing at the CAF (Commorative Air Force) Museum, and I touched and got some B17, B25, B26 and a whole lot of WWII aircraft. Flahsback to history again. I love that shit...........I kinda remember being there in a past life....especially all of the German aircraft. Think I belonged to the SonderKommado Elbe group......OOPS....off on another flashback....sorry bout that.

The BIMRS meeting is great seeing old friends and making new ones. ISTA is the BIG word, and they are seeing a lot of that. Will catch up with all a little later.