Chicago...Near the End of the Tour

So now it's Chicago. 6 down.....two to go. I am feeling little "toasty" from all of this travel. But chicago is one of my favorite places:

Muldinado's Pizza
Super Dog
Big Bowl
The traffic.......nah......hate the traffic!

Arrived Wednesday, and been at my terminal all day. Went and had Deli at George's.....the Matzo Ball Soup is to die for!

One of my best friends live in this town, so if won't be boring. This class sold out quick, and have a crew of technicians at 35! So we're going to have some fun this weekend. The new ISTA system rocks on these new BMW's, and there is tons of information to learn.

So waiting for Gary to get here, Nephew graduated yesterday from the Florida Highway Patrol...and "Uncle Angelo" got him his graduation gift in 9mm. Think he'll like his new "tool". Best part is to get the opportunity to got shooting with "The Team".

Stay tuned...more to add later.