Boston....and NOT Baked Beans

Well, the last time I came here, I distinctly remember and issue with a cab driver, and something else with the Car Commando........but that's for another time.

I hope that everyone that wants to know about the NEW Technology Diesels (Pumpe Duse & Common Rail Diesels) will be the topic of discussion and knowledge for this Training Seminar will be present on Saturday, the 29th in Watertown, MA. The class is all but full, but I'll make concessions for the techs that are just "fashionably late". Call the office and register with Joe:

We'll be also performing some "face to face" Podcasts, one of many while I am out on the road with "The Motley Crew". Thank Baum Tools and Northside Imports for putting up with me, and supporting the efforts that will bring
"The NEW Approach" to Training for the Professional Automotive Technician.

Also, I will be dropping in and seeing my good friend Charlie Burke of Bentley Publishers, and Peet's Coffee (this is now an official tradition begun with my dear friend Dana Baum, who is in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Here's for you Dana, thanks for all of the help, and putting up with my ADHD!

The Car Commando at 28,000 FT!

In a plane of course!
Anyway......I forgot to wash my cape for the trip. :-)