Raleigh's Turn Out

Raleigh, NC....one of my favorite places to visit. Mountains, woods, open space and no crowds.....or at least that I can see. Aside from this, one of my best consultants live here.

Our seminar was full, and things went well, besides the BME site NOT cooperating on line, but all was good anyway. Seems that at 4:00PM Friday, BMW decided to take the site down....I guess from too many beers, and they can when they feel like it.

The shop: nothing but professional. The crowd: nothing but smart. The attending technicians were hospitable and attentive. We all learned enough to load a dump truck. We can all hope that these seminars makes $$$$$$ for all that attend.

Now, going home, going to Sarasota, going to Reno, NV...then finish this 7 week tour in Phoenix, AZ at the BIMRS Meeting to show off the ISTA / ICOM System thanks to Dexter Baum and the Baum Tools Crew.

Thanks to Ronnie, Pat and Joe for the hospitality and the use of their facility for the seminar.