Back on the Road

Well I must say getting back on the road after that 7 week respite felt great! And couldn't have picked a better place to go than Boston. I wish I did have the time to go and see a few more friends, but it seems that I am on the go when I hit the ground. NEVER enough time.

The Boston seminar was what I would call quite successful, thanks to Northside Imports, Baum Tools, and some real patient attendees. Seemed that there were some technical difficulties during the show, but we all chuckled and moved on. What a great crowd, and I think we all had a rather entertaining moment or two.

Boston....and NOT Baked Beans

Well, the last time I came here, I distinctly remember and issue with a cab driver, and something else with the Car Commando........but that's for another time.

I hope that everyone that wants to know about the NEW Technology Diesels (Pumpe Duse & Common Rail Diesels) will be the topic of discussion and knowledge for this Training Seminar will be present on Saturday, the 29th in Watertown, MA. The class is all but full, but I'll make concessions for the techs that are just "fashionably late". Call the office and register with Joe:

Toyota Recall, VW Diesel Hybrid, Obama and Green Tech

Several interesting stories today, here are short bits about three of them...

Toyota recalls 1.7 million vehicles worldwide, here we go again


Leave the car running? On the street? Unattended? Welcome to Detroit, BMW.

We're not in Munich anymore Toto. What were they thinking? This is Detroit, guys.

Apparently the BMW contingent got a taste of Detroit when they left one of thier "concierge" BMW's running unattended outside the downtown Westin. Lets let Rueters tell it...

Two thieves drove away in a brand new $94,000 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan on Wednesday night that was left idling outside the Westin Book Cadillac, one of Detroit's major hotels.

Mercedes announces F-Cell World Drive

"Around the world in 125 days". At the North American Auto Show in Detroit, Mercedes announced Monday an "unparalleled long-distance journey – the F-CELL World Drive". Mercedes will drive the B-Class F-CELL over four continents in 125 days; a demonstration of the viability of fuel cell vehicles. The cars will be driven in climates and on surfaces that Mercedes claims "would not be possible, using purely battery-powered electric vehicles."

Audi continues to see record sales.

To follow up an earlier post, Audi reported this week that it did indeed break it's US sales record in 2010, selling 101,629 vehicles.

Diesels are reported to be among the biggest sellers, so if you're not up to date on diesels you'd better start learning about them!

Here's the press release from Audi:

Audi shatters all-time U.S. sales record in 2010; brand expects momentum to continue into 2011

A Good Start for 2011

So yep, we're going to have some real quick information on these blogs for you first thing. How about the reset procedures for the Mercedes Service Reset??

Know them by memory...or what I have left of the billions I already "toasted" years ago. Think that these blogs will further enhance your reading and education.

Happy New Year!

This is a good time to thank you for your support during our first few months on line. We're really excited about the upcoming year; we've got lot's of projects are in the works with loads of great information coming your way.

Be on the lookout here for new books as well as training and reference information in new formats that'll help you tackle even the most complicated problems! And keep your eyes open for more chances to win free tools!

Christmas Again

Well my friends, the Car Commando is seeing another year go by. Soon, very soon another Birthday. As they say "Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt" :-)

I think about all of the friends I have made this year, and the ones I lost. Dana Baum is the first that comes to mind. Dana passed away this year, and I miss his calls and banter. He was a good frined to me, and he'll never be forgotten.

Volkswagen Recalls nearly 380,000 North American cars

VW is recalling almost 380,000 cars in North America, for a potential fire hazard due to chafed fuel lines under the hood. Keep this one in the back of your mind, you might very well need to make the fix for one of these cars in the not so distant future.

Here's the text from the NHSTA document:

Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):

VOLKSWAGEN / JETTA: 2006-2010