Leave the car running? On the street? Unattended? Welcome to Detroit, BMW.

We're not in Munich anymore Toto. What were they thinking? This is Detroit, guys.

Apparently the BMW contingent got a taste of Detroit when they left one of thier "concierge" BMW's running unattended outside the downtown Westin. Lets let Rueters tell it...

Two thieves drove away in a brand new $94,000 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan on Wednesday night that was left idling outside the Westin Book Cadillac, one of Detroit's major hotels.

The car was one of more than a dozen BMW sedans used to ferry executives and guests around town during the show.

On Thursday morning, police said they were still looking for the gray four-door BMW.

Police said the car was dropped off by a valet to be loaded onto a transport truck to take it back to BMW's North American headquarters in New Jersey when two men jumped into the car and drove away.

BMW, which featured its glitzy 650i convertible at the Detroit auto show, said it remains committed to the event.

"It's just an unfortunate incident," BMW spokeswoman Stacy Morris said.

Unfortunate or niave? The thieves weren't stupid though; why bother with Detroit iron when you're handed the keys to a nice Bimmer.

UPDATE 6:25 pm: The Detroit News reports that police have recovered the stolen BMW. According to the paper, the car appeared to be in good shape, but the GPS was disabled. No one has yet been arrested. The investigation is ongoing.