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New videos - Audi Engine Management Systems

We have the complete set of recently developed Audi Engine Management Systems training videos available for you. This video set includes training on all major Audi Engine Management systems components, as well as training on OBD II, Fuels and Fuel Additives.  CLICK HERE to purchase individual videos, or the complete set of Audi Engine Management Systems videos.

2006-2008 VW - Ambient Temperature Sensor Reset

Ambient Temperature Sensor Reset

Applies to 2006-2008 Beetle, Jetta, GTI, Rabbit, EOS, and Passat

If the ambient temperature sensor or A/C control head has been unplugged or replaced for any reason, the ambient temperature sensor must be reset in order to function properly.

To reset the sensor, test drive the vehicle. It's that simple; driving the vehicle at speeds of over 25 mph will reset the sensor. If you can't do the test drive, let the car idle for 20 minutes and that'll reset the sensor too. 

More NEW Videos - DIODES

We just added six new videos, this time the set that describes Diodes. Just like in our other videos, Diodes are explained in thier entirety! We tell you what they are, how they're made, and how they function. We also explain how Diodes are used to rectify AC to DC, how they're used to convert energy from light into electricity and how they're used to detect movement.

More NEW videos - RESISTORS

We have six new videos available…the first “mini set’ describing specific electronic components. This set is all about Resistors. We start with the various ways Resistance is used in motor vehicles, followed by a description of how Resistance affects voltage. Then we dive into the specifics: Simple Fixed Resistors, How Resistors are made, Variable Resistors and Potentiometers, Thermistors, Ballast Resistors and Light Sensitive Resistors.

How to Train Yourself and 2 Techs for 1 Year for under $500

You read that right. You can train yourself and two of your Techs for a full year for less than $500. That's LESS than the total you'd spend to send ONE Tech to ONE independant Instructor Led Class. Plus, they don't have to use a day off to do it. And there's no catch.

Our Shop Owner Video Subscription is the way to do it. Sign up yourself and two of your techs and you'll get ALL of our training videos, PLUS every new video we post for a full year.

NEW Training Videos!

We have some new videos, the beginning of our series on Electronics and Electronic Systems. In this series we'll teach you all about how Electronic Systems are used, and then we'll teach you all about the specific Electronic Components and Systems: things like Hall Sensors, Capacitors, Transistors, etc.Click here to check it out.

NEW! Automotive Essentials Training videos

We're introducing our new Automotive Essentials video training series; loads of new training videos focused on fundamental automotive concepts. The first two sets of the series are "Essential Automotive Electrics" and “Vehicle Networks”, and we have dozens of new sets on the most important subjects already in the works. New videos will be added weekly. Click Here to see what we've got right now.

P3049 in 2005-2007 VW Vehicles with Manual Transmission

From the VW Tech Tip Archives:
Roll starting a 2005-2007 VW with manual trans may set DTC P3049.
The ECM needs to see a 1 - 2 second delay AFTER the ignition switch signals the relay to start the vehicle. Roll starting the vehicle prevents this delay, causing the ECM to set the DTC. 
DTC P3049 will NOT be set by the ignition switch, ECM, or engine harness.
ONLY a faulty relay or a starting procedure that prevents the ECM from seeing the delay will set this fault code.

Nissan GT-R flys UP a ski slope!

Great video of a Nissan GT-R being tossed around Northern Sweden and then UP a snow covered ski slope.

I think I might have stopped to give the two hitchhiking girls a ride...wait, no back seat. Ok, maybe just the blond.

And I can't figure out why the guys on the snowmobiles are following it up the slope. Were the filmmakers trying to give it a James Bond kind of feel? Doesn't matter, the footage is really good and I love the music.

I'm just kidding about the music...