Onwards and Forward to Phoenix and BIMRS

Well fellow blog followers, Reno, NV was very interesting in it's people, weather, and training.

Did my seminar in the "Bat Cave" at RAMAC, and it couldn't have turned out better, as with LOW lighting conditions made the screen and material REALLY light up.

Counting on the students and techs that were scheduled for this class, and the others that just dropped in wondering where all the "Party Noise" was coming from, I must have had at least 40 techs there.

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Raleigh's Turn Out

Raleigh, of my favorite places to visit. Mountains, woods, open space and no crowds.....or at least that I can see. Aside from this, one of my best consultants live here.

Our seminar was full, and things went well, besides the BME site NOT cooperating on line, but all was good anyway. Seems that at 4:00PM Friday, BMW decided to take the site down....I guess from too many beers, and they can when they feel like it.

Leaving Boston Behind

Finally "Got Out of Denver Baby". On the way back from Boston and glad to get home. The trip was good, the seminar even better. Techs that attend, even at a low count were attentative and glad to get ahead of the curve. They now have the edge of the others that would rather stay home and drink beer. which in the next few years, will be their resumes.

The Car Commando

GM's PAC is active again, donates to Democrats and Republicans

General Motors Political Action Committee is once again active to the tune of $48,000, according to a report by The Detroit News on September 21, 2010. Nothing new, except that GM's majority owner is the US Treasury Department, thanks to the bailout...

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From the The Detroit News:

Blogging from Bean Town

Boston... Home of Boston Baked Beans, The Red Sox, Paul Revere, Lobsters (YUM), and let's not forget Harvard (Havaad pronounced here). Brought my younger brother to show him that I am not vacationing while I am on my travels....and how expensive it is.

Further Adventures of The Baltimore Seminar

So as if I don't have enough to do, the PA system went south 2 days before the seminar! Lord take me now! This is why when I travel to all of these cities....this is why I get there days ahead, because SHIT HAPPENS!

I remember in the "old days" when I use to travel with a projector, my laptop, my plane ticket, 3 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, 4 pairs of socks,,,,never can have enoiugh socks, oh yeah....need my boxers. Everything in oner piece of luggage.

On The Road...Again

So it’s up at 3:00AM, shaking the cobwebs loose with espresso, till I can focus enough to get to MCO (Orlando International Airport). My schedule coming up only tends to make me wish I was 25 again, physically that is. 6 cities in 5 weeks doing what I love, but my body does not.