Audi breaks US sales record!

And I thought the auto market was still tight. Here's the press release that Audi issued yesterday:

Audi breaks U.S. sales record; on pace to exceed 100,000 vehicles sold in America for the first time
- Audi sold its 93,507th vehicle of 2010 Monday evening
- The old record of 93,506 models sold was set in 2007
- Audi sales executives confident of surpassing noteworthy 100,000 mark

Toronto Escapades

Toronto was COLD, but warm. The seminar went well with 47 techs on board. Had some really smart fellows at this seminar and enjoyed the entertainment.

Never left the hotel, as it was bitter cold all day and especially the evenings, but met a number of friends while I was there. We got some great interviews for our Podcasts and some video of the "tool guys" while we were there.

So stay tuned, you'll be seeing them launched very soon.

From the Tech Support Archives: 2007 Passat with a fogging problem

Here's a car that has trouble with the windshield fogging in cold temps. When the driver gets in the car the windshield is clear, but as soon as the fan is turned on the windshield fogs badly and then takes forever to defog...even with the fan on high. Diagnosing this one means we need to think hard about just how the defroster works in this car.

Early BMW Remote Issues (E39)

Customer had one master key/remote stolen so they want to replace all locks and have new remotes. Replaced all locks and EWS module.

Programmed EWS module to car but unable to initialize new remotes.
So why are the remotes not initializing?? This is EWS II, as it is 1997 E39 model 528i......for those that do not know their chassis designations.

Good idea on a situation like this is to check Fuse 53 located in the trunk. Your scan tool will NOT show a fault for this issue.

Chicago - my side of the trip

Well,started this excursion by way of Tallahasee as my son graduated from Florida Highway Patrol. He recieved the "Directors Award" for best recruit. Got to admit, he made me proud.

Between the 42 new troopers and the 200+ Law Enforcement officers attending this graduation, I got a rush of paranoia, and I haven't done anything illegal, yet : )

The current state of the auto industry, in tweets!

Perfectly suited for our modern attention spans, the Autoextremist Peter De Lorenzo's October 20th Rant tells all about the auto industry, in tweets! Comments on most major auto manufacturers, each in 140 characters or less.

Look hard at his comments on our German friends, Porsche comes out clean but the others...well, you'll see.


Differential Diagnostics in our Field

So as I'm watching the series "House" I have been told I am a lot like him....but in the automotive world. I retort with "I think I invented that!"....he didn't.

Onto this "Differential Diagnosis" thing. Every time I read a POST on my Technical Support Site:

I see this "Differential Diagnosis" thing happen. You know that we all are "Doctor's of the Wrench", as we Diagnose a sick car and then if we are good enough, we fix it.

As doctors of the human machine, they bury their mistakes....we marry ours.

Chicago...Near the End of the Tour

So now it's Chicago. 6 down.....two to go. I am feeling little "toasty" from all of this travel. But chicago is one of my favorite places:

Muldinado's Pizza
Super Dog
Big Bowl
The traffic.......nah......hate the traffic!

Arrived Wednesday, and been at my terminal all day. Went and had Deli at George's.....the Matzo Ball Soup is to die for!

The 2011 Jetta. Built to sell?

The reviews have been pouring in, but they're not all pretty.

Volkswagen's restyled 2011 Jetta will hit dealerships this month. Based on the majority of reviews so far, it looks like Volkswagen has abandoned the high quality and unique styling that have long been it's selling points, in favor of mediocrity and a lower price..

Mercedes moves closer to “mushroom” technicians.

About 6 years ago we sat in on a Mercedes dealer meeting in Frankfurt Germany. During the meeting they showed how in a perfect world directed diagnostics would be used to create parts swappers at the dealership. The car would be plugged into the diagnostic machine, information would be analyzed at the factory (or regional fix it center by company engineers), and the repair would be disclosed to the dope on the other end of the phone. Goal? Reduce the competition in the aftermarket by removing trained technicians and rely on “directed diagnostics” to fix the car.