How to Train Yourself and 2 Techs for 1 Year for under $500

You read that right. You can train yourself and two of your Techs for a full year for less than $500. That's LESS than the total you'd spend to send ONE Tech to ONE independant Instructor Led Class. Plus, they don't have to use a day off to do it. And there's no catch.

Our Shop Owner Video Subscription is the way to do it. Sign up yourself and two of your techs and you'll get ALL of our training videos, PLUS every new video we post for a full year.

It gets better: these videos will train you and your techs on the essential knowledge needed to understand components and systems and how the work together. This knowledge is required to consistently perform fast, accurate diagnosis on todays cars. No more searching for the quick fix, you'l be able to think through the trickiest problems and come out with an accurate answer.

Our videos are designed to be taken in small chuncks, around 10 minutes each, so you can watch and learn anytime. How about setting aside a half hour a couple times a week where your techs and you learn together at the shop? Set up a spiff system to reward your techs for completing the training from thier homes. There are hundreds of way to encourage learning, and with small 10 minute chunks it's easy to fit them inot almost any schedule.

CLICK HERE to check it out and sign up now!