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Chicago - my side of the trip

Well,started this excursion by way of Tallahasee as my son graduated from Florida Highway Patrol. He recieved the "Directors Award" for best recruit. Got to admit, he made me proud.

Between the 42 new troopers and the 200+ Law Enforcement officers attending this graduation, I got a rush of paranoia, and I haven't done anything illegal, yet : )

The current state of the auto industry, in tweets!

Perfectly suited for our modern attention spans, the Autoextremist Peter De Lorenzo's October 20th Rant tells all about the auto industry, in tweets! Comments on most major auto manufacturers, each in 140 characters or less.

Look hard at his comments on our German friends, Porsche comes out clean but the others...well, you'll see.


The 2011 Jetta. Built to sell?

The reviews have been pouring in, but they're not all pretty.

Volkswagen's restyled 2011 Jetta will hit dealerships this month. Based on the majority of reviews so far, it looks like Volkswagen has abandoned the high quality and unique styling that have long been it's selling points, in favor of mediocrity and a lower price..

Mercedes moves closer to “mushroom” technicians.

About 6 years ago we sat in on a Mercedes dealer meeting in Frankfurt Germany. During the meeting they showed how in a perfect world directed diagnostics would be used to create parts swappers at the dealership. The car would be plugged into the diagnostic machine, information would be analyzed at the factory (or regional fix it center by company engineers), and the repair would be disclosed to the dope on the other end of the phone. Goal? Reduce the competition in the aftermarket by removing trained technicians and rely on “directed diagnostics” to fix the car.

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GM's PAC is active again, donates to Democrats and Republicans

General Motors Political Action Committee is once again active to the tune of $48,000, according to a report by The Detroit News on September 21, 2010. Nothing new, except that GM's majority owner is the US Treasury Department, thanks to the bailout...

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From the The Detroit News:

Phaeton, again? What is VW thinking?

Volkswagen announced in June that they plan to once again sell the Phaeton in the U.S. Redesigned with the US market in mind, “There’s no doubt that the Phaeton absolutely has to go back to the US,” ...“This is being reflected in the next version. It will look much more like a car for America.”