NEW! Automotive Essentials Training videos

We're introducing our new Automotive Essentials video training series; loads of new training videos focused on fundamental automotive concepts. The first two sets of the series are "Essential Automotive Electrics" and “Vehicle Networks”, and we have dozens of new sets on the most important subjects already in the works. New videos will be added weekly. Click Here to see what we've got right now.

Automotive Essentials gets you back to the basics; some of it will be a refresher for most of us, and some will introduce concepts that apply to the newer technologies we’re seeing in our shops today. Either way, the videos aren’t just overviews - they dive deep into the subject areas. Even better, the videos are short and self contained, each video covers a complete subject area and averages only about 10 minutes long.

We’ve priced them to make it easy to learn. Individual videos are only $4.99, so you can pick and choose the specific subjects you want, and each entire video set is only 56.99! Or, try one of our subscription plans, where you’ll get every video that we publish, as soon as we publish them! And just like I said before, we’re publishing new videos every week. We have an Individual Subscription plan, and a Shop Owner Subscription plan, so you shop owners out there can offer continuous training for your techs.

If you’re a Member, check your Library; there are already a few videos from each of the first two sets waiting for you to watch. If you’re not a Member, why not join now?