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A lap of 1956!

Auto racing in 1956 was friggen crazy! Check out this video from 1956, cameras and a microphone strapped to Mike Hawthorne and his Jaguar as he drives one lap of the LeMans circuit. No guardrails, no catch fencing, nothing. These are public roads, IN USE by the public since it's not race day...

Also note that 1956 is the year after the horrific crash where Pierre Levegh lost control of his Mercedes on the pit straight and launched into the crowd at 150 mph, killing 84 and injuring over 120. Mike Hawthorne and his Jaguar played a role in the accident.

BMW Issues recalls

BMW has issued two recalls, one and electrical system flaw affecting over 500,000 vehicles and the other a hydraulic system flaw affecting over 30,000 vehicles.

NEW Pricing and Access Rules for On Demand Video Training!

Beginning Tuesday January 2, 2013 we have new pricing and new access rules for On Demand Video Training! Here are the details:

TGIF - Car Chase Video!

Here's a rocking little video clip to help you relax on a busy Friday: the car chase scene from Bullitt!

Yeah, yeah, I know, we've all seen this one many times before, but somehow it just never gets old. About the cars used in the scene, Wikipedia says:

The Dick Eytchison Story

Muscle cars and autocross! It's safe to say that Dick Eytchison has figured out what he wants to do when he grows up. The '65 Chevelle couldn't be cooler, and Dick's having the time of his life. If we are all so lucky...

Check out the video below, or Click Here watch it on YouTube. Here's what the YouTube write up says:

German Carmakers "Stuff" Auto Sales

Those wily Germans! Turns out the automakers are bolstering their sales figures by engaging in a practice know as "self registration". Essentially they're selling the cars to their dealers and to themselves, and creating bogus sales figures by doing it. And deceiving their shareholders in the process.

Here's the whole story courtesy of Automotive News Europe:



Filmmakers from Wake Forest University are at work on a full length documentary celebrating the station wagon! It's about friggen time...this is exactly the kind of film that an old fart with no life like me wants to watch! Brings back memories of road trips through the White Mountains with my parents back in the '60's; black bears on top of 50 foot poles, cheesy plastic "Indian" artifacts and our brakes overheating on the Kancamagus Highway

Late model VW A/C Compressor Shut Off Codes

Applies to: 2004 > Touareg, Phaeton; 2006 > Passat, Jetta, GTI; 2007 Rabbit, EOS

If for any reason the A/C compressor is shut off by the control head, MVB code may be triggered. Check MVB 13 field 1 for Touareg and Phaeton systems and MVB 1 field 1 for all other vehicles listed (including 2006 and later Climatic systems). Explanations of the cut off codes are listed below.

A/C cut-off Codes

0 = Compressor on (no shut-off requirement of the A/C compressor detected)

1 = Compressor off (refrigerant pressure was or is too high)

These Demon Drome guys are insane.

Driving a motorcycle on the Wall of Death is crazy enough, but driving a car on the Wall of Death? My question to you: who's crazier: the guy driving the car, or the "ringmaster" guy standing in the center of the thing just waiting for the car to tumble upside down on top of him!  I'll give them this, the vintage Indian's they're riding are very cool.

Watch the video below, and then check out their web site:

Keep those Bimmer's outside fellas...

The NHTSA has issued a recall notice that affects over 360,000 my 2004 - 2010 BMW's in North America. The bulkhead connector for the positive battery cable may be attached "incorrectly" and could loosen, which could lead to the car catching on fire. Sweet.

NHTSA is advising BMW owners to PARK THE CAR OUTSIDE as a precaution, until the fix is made (BMW plans to begin fixing cars in April). We'd suggest that shop owners should heed the same warning... park your customers BMW outside your shop if you have it overnight.