More NEW videos - RESISTORS

We have six new videos available…the first “mini set’ describing specific electronic components. This set is all about Resistors. We start with the various ways Resistance is used in motor vehicles, followed by a description of how Resistance affects voltage. Then we dive into the specifics: Simple Fixed Resistors, How Resistors are made, Variable Resistors and Potentiometers, Thermistors, Ballast Resistors and Light Sensitive Resistors.

Just like the videos sets that came before this, these videos are designed to give you the fundamental understanding you need to think through diagnostic problems. Yup, that’s a lot harder than finding some the quick fix video posted somewhere on YouTube by some DIY guy in their driveway. But it’s the only way you’re gonna get it right, and the only way that you're going to GET AHEAD and STAY AHEAD in this business.

Watch for upcoming “mini-sets” about Diodes, Capacitors, Transistors, Hall Effect, Piezo Electric Components (think Fuel Injectors here), and Integrated Circuits and Micro-Chips (and we’ll start getting into Pass-Thru Reprogramming on this one).