Energy Management is Here. Get Use To It and Learn

Greetings fellow Technicians.
Yes, it's the Car Commando reminding you that if the battery is dead in the Audi A6 and A8 Series car of 2003 to present, more likely, it isn't JUST the battery.
My ranting of B+ and Grounds is NOW coming to truth and reality.
These high current consumption cars and their systems now have a battery management strategy. And if it isn't working like planned, batteries will be going south, and your head will explode wondering what the %#^%& is causing this?

P3049 in 2005-2007 VW Vehicles with Manual Transmission

From the VW Tech Tip Archives:
Roll starting a 2005-2007 VW with manual trans may set DTC P3049.
The ECM needs to see a 1 - 2 second delay AFTER the ignition switch signals the relay to start the vehicle. Roll starting the vehicle prevents this delay, causing the ECM to set the DTC. 
DTC P3049 will NOT be set by the ignition switch, ECM, or engine harness.
ONLY a faulty relay or a starting procedure that prevents the ECM from seeing the delay will set this fault code.

Nissan GT-R flys UP a ski slope!

Great video of a Nissan GT-R being tossed around Northern Sweden and then UP a snow covered ski slope.

I think I might have stopped to give the two hitchhiking girls a ride...wait, no back seat. Ok, maybe just the blond.

And I can't figure out why the guys on the snowmobiles are following it up the slope. Were the filmmakers trying to give it a James Bond kind of feel? Doesn't matter, the footage is really good and I love the music.

I'm just kidding about the music...

A lap of 1956!

Auto racing in 1956 was friggen crazy! Check out this video from 1956, cameras and a microphone strapped to Mike Hawthorne and his Jaguar as he drives one lap of the LeMans circuit. No guardrails, no catch fencing, nothing. These are public roads, IN USE by the public since it's not race day...

Also note that 1956 is the year after the horrific crash where Pierre Levegh lost control of his Mercedes on the pit straight and launched into the crowd at 150 mph, killing 84 and injuring over 120. Mike Hawthorne and his Jaguar played a role in the accident.

More VW TDI Glow Plug Diagnostics

Car Commando from the Field. More TDI Diagnostics here:
Right from the EDR sight, thought I'd share this with the group.

Currently in Denver in 6" of snow and 10 below :-(

There are several vehicle models on which the glow plug position does not coincide with cylinder number, (eg. trouble code P0671 specifies glow plug number 1 but glow plug number 1 is
actually in cylinder number 4).

The only way to be sure which glow plug is faulty is to test all of them. This particular glow plug system on the BHW engine code, supplies 6VDC to the glow plugs.

BMW Issues recalls

BMW has issued two recalls, one and electrical system flaw affecting over 500,000 vehicles and the other a hydraulic system flaw affecting over 30,000 vehicles.

NEW Pricing and Access Rules for On Demand Video Training!

Beginning Tuesday January 2, 2013 we have new pricing and new access rules for On Demand Video Training! Here are the details:

Climate Control Issues with Early Model Systems??

Car Commando Field Information and News. Still with the Climate Control Issues are with the 2002 and 2003 Passats (for example).
Battery drain??
Look for the 4 Climate Control Motors running when ignition key is off. Usually, V71 was the motor starts hunting with the key off, and you can remove it without removing the dash, so replace it if in question.
The last thing, ALWAYS run basic settings, all fields for measuring blocks 002 through 005. If they have values other than ZERO, YOU still have an issue. and it's probably with the V85 motor.

TGIF - Car Chase Video!

Here's a rocking little video clip to help you relax on a busy Friday: the car chase scene from Bullitt!

Yeah, yeah, I know, we've all seen this one many times before, but somehow it just never gets old. About the cars used in the scene, Wikipedia says:

The Dick Eytchison Story

Muscle cars and autocross! It's safe to say that Dick Eytchison has figured out what he wants to do when he grows up. The '65 Chevelle couldn't be cooler, and Dick's having the time of his life. If we are all so lucky...

Check out the video below, or Click Here watch it on YouTube. Here's what the YouTube write up says: