The Secret Life of Formula 1

There is a hidden gem on the Discovery Channel's website, especially if you're an F1 fanatic! "The Secret Life of Formula 1", 27 videos with subject ranging from the technical ("Power", "Downforce", "Launch Control") to history ("England Rising", "The SIlver Arrows") and the people ("Bernie Ecclestone", "John Cooper").

Each video is between 3 and 6 minutes long, and contains footage from not only the modern era but throughout the history of Formula 1 racing. If you need to be reminded of just how hairy these cars could be, watch the video titled "Lotus 25"; at about the 2:40 mark there's footage of the car airborne at speed...fantastic!
UPDATE: Discovery seems to have taken the videos down, but the folks at have posted it with embed codes. Watch it below: