"Right To Repair" bill heats up in Massachusetts

The battle over requiring auto manufacturers to share diagnostic and repair information with independent garages is heating up in Massachusetts. The latest version of the “right to repair” bill would mandate that manufacturers create an online database of diagnostic and repair information by 2015, as a condition to sell vehicles in the state.

Car manufacturers said if the initiative passes, they will be unable to comply with the 2015 timetable set for compliance, and will no longer be able to sell cars in Massachusetts after that time.

Whoa...these guys are playing for keeps! Now we all know that car makers won't stop selling cars in any state. They're just blowing smoke because they'll do anything they can to reduce competition from independent shops. And as we all know, given an even playing field, independent shops will routinely kick the dealer shops sorry asses!.

Posturing aside, this bill could have wide ranging effects on the independent repair industry. Keep an eye on it. Here's a link to the story as it appears in Massachusetts:

Careening toward ballot, auto repair bill makes Beacon Hill pit stop - MetroWest Daily News