Baum Tools Euro Pass Thru Tool

The Baum Tools EURO PTT is here! 

Ok we have been talking about it for a while; we now have them in stock with CARDAQ (J2534) PASS-THRU Device.

Shuttle Box specifications are as follows:

  • AMD 3.10Ghz Phenom II Black Edition
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Asus AM3 Motherboard
  • Nvidia Video PC-12800
  • DDR3-1600MHz RAM
  • Corsair Power Supply (750Watts)
  • Internal DVD Reader/Writer
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Network Adapter (NIC Card)
  • Shuttle Box (approximately 28mm X 25mm X 24mm)
  • High Performance Cooler for AM3 CPU
  • Corsair High Performance SSD (Hard Drive)

Monitor, keyboard and mouse NOT included.

Software comes set up and ready to connect to BMW Tech Info using hi speed internet. Subscription to is required.

Call Baum Tools for more information:  

800-848-6657 toll free US and Canada 

+1 941-927-1414 international