Wide Band O2 Sensors

Wide Band O2 Sensors
Make: Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche
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Diagnosing Oxygen Sensor problems can cause you serious headaches! This On Demand Video Training will help you understand how Oxygen Sensors work, the differences between different Oxygen Sensors, how they fail, and how to tell if that DTC is really due to a failed Oxygen Sensor or if it's something else altogether.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What is Lambda
  • Narrow and Wide Band Sensor Operational Criteria
  • Wide band O2 sensor criteria
  • Narrow and Wide Band Sensor Differences
  • When and Why O2 Sensors Were Created
  • How O2 Sensors Work
  • Close Loop mode
  • The LSM Wide Band AFR to sensor evolution
  • Planar O2 sensor description and myth
  • The UGEO style AFR sensor
  • Description of the design of the AFR sensor and how it works
  • Operation of the AFR sensor
  • Similarities to a MAF sensor operation
  • How to read an AFR sensor using PID
  • How to test an AFR sensor
  • Heater circuits of the O2 sensor and AFR sensor
  • Diagnostics and operational criteria of the heater circuit
  • Diagnostic codes and how to determine if its the sensor or something else
  • Lean and Rich, Additive or Multiplicative ranges
  • Diagnostic shortcuts for O2 and AFR sensors
  • How to use Calculated Load Value and PID
  • Tips on MAF and ECT sensors
  • Readings from the MAG and ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) sensor
  • AFR codes, descriptions and diagnostics
  • Shortcut diagnostics for AFR OBDII and Enhanced OBDII Codes
  • False codes of the O2 and AFR sensor