Volkswagen TDI Diesel Diagnostics

Volkswagen TDI Diesel Diagnostics
softcover/spiral bound, 8.5 x 11 in
413 pages,
Publisher: Euro-Diagnostic Resources, Inc. and Baum Tools Unlimited, Inc.
Price: $250.00

This is the Volkswagen TDI manual that you've been waiting for!

Our Volkswagen TDI Diesel Diagnostics manual covers 1995 model year and later ECO Diesel, Pumpe Duse, and Common Rail Diesel engines. These are the VW diesel engines that you're fixing today.

We show you the differences between all these modern VW diesel engines. We walk you through component overviews and we give you diagnostic strategies for specific problems. We describe every critical component and system in detail, and we show you how they all fit together. Glow plugs, timing belts, fuel systems, injectors, PD pump design and adjustments, high pressure fuel systems, regeneration strategies. Even the the skinny on particulate systems. It's all in this manual.

Plus HUNDREDS of pages of data tables! Adaptation tables, immobilizer procedures, data blocks and readiness codes. Even Tech Tips straight from the manufacturer. Where else can you find this much VW diesel information in one place? Nowhere. Period.

If you're fixing VW diesels you need this manual. Check out the full Tables of Contents and some sample pages below, and then buy a copy.

Table of Contents: